About Us

We are a family of veggie enthusiasts eager to attract as many people to our side as possible. Whether you’re full on vegan, looking to transition or just interested in eating more vegetables, we’re here to share what we know and love.

Healthy, Tasty Plant Based Food

That is what a veggie lifestyle is truly about.

We believe that a veggie lifestyle can work for everyone and our goal is to make sure you enjoy it! From enjoying the tastes and textures of vegetarian and vegan foods, to enjoying the process of preparing the food. We truly believe the best part of a veggie lifestyle is that it’s both fun and delicious!

Kale and greens

The Team

We are excited to share our stories and experience with you.

The Chef

A vegetarian since 1986 and Vegan since 1991, Kasiya has over 3 decades worth of experience cooking plant based meals for people of all ages and needs.

Healthy Eater

From growing up vegetarian to eating meat as an adult and then eventually going plant based. Pumula’s journey is inspirational and very practical.

The Curious Cook

Esther’s love of food stems from a fascination with understanding why things taste the way they do. She loves to experiment, and every once in a while the results are worth sharing.

Creative Alternatives

A history of food allergies has lead to Yamikani’s careful food selection and interest in creative uses  of alternative ingredients in well known dishes, treats and comfort food. She is eager to share her insight on diet changes and eating out.

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