Kasiya Phiri

Born Zimbabwe. Came to the USA in 1989. Went to school in Zimbabwe, Malawi, the UK, and the USA. Studied Applied Linguistics and African Languages. Baking at the Food Enterprise Economic Development Kitchens, Madison WI, Cooker, Holyoke Community College MGM Culinary Institute, Holyoke MA, Vegan Culinary Arts with Vegan Culinary Academy, CA anticipated 12/2021. Lectured at the University of Malawi, University of Zimbabwe, Visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota, and Dartmouth College. Was a Language instructor at the University of WI at Madison and Boston College. Long-distance runner, loves golf, paints in watercolors, and plays guitar.

Going Vegan: Kasiya’s Story Part 2

Going Vegan is Part 2 of Kasiya’s Story. For part one click HERE When I became vegan my body was just waiting for the switch. I no longer enjoyed my cheese omelets and cakes tasted too strongly of eggs, and eggs were too much like chicken to my mouth. Oh, I don’t know what the …

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Not a chicken chaser

Born to be Vegan – Kasiya’s Story

Not quite literally but it appears I was destined to be vegan. Being born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, there was no escaping eating meat. The Ndebele, in the South West where I was born near Bulawayo city, who are the descendants of Chaka the great Zulu warrior valued and owned cattle. In the central and …

Born to be Vegan – Kasiya’s Story Read More »

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