Going Vegan: Kasiya’s Story Part 2

Going Vegan is Part 2 of Kasiya’s Story. For part one click HERE

When I became vegan my body was just waiting for the switch. I no longer enjoyed my cheese omelets and cakes tasted too strongly of eggs, and eggs were too much like chicken to my mouth. Oh, I don’t know what the science of that is. I don’t know why I tasted meat in my cheese but I know that I did not enjoy eating them anymore. All I had done for my body to react that way was to eliminate meat from my diet. You probably want to know if I could eat fish. No, I could not. Everything just tasted too strong for me. So, there was no struggle in my transition from meat to veggies. It took a while for me to make the transition from a vegetarian to a vegan. I became vegetarian in 1986 in Zimbabwe and became a vegan in 1991 Madison, Wisconsin. 

What do Vegans Eat?

One of the things I had to do right away was to find places I could find vegan food. I still was not well versed in the science of healthy eating. I was not the only one. There were and are still many of us out there who just eat and don’t over think it. We find food we eat it. No calorie count, vitamin check, no protein/carbohydrate balance. No. Just food. Find. Eat. But with everyone and his brother suddenly turned nutritionist and advising me about eating healthy, I had to pay attention to what I ate. Where would I find healthy food? It felt like I couldn’t go to Target or Cubs or Walmart any more but of course I could have, even back then.   

Going Vegan means eating more veggies.

Coincidentally I worked at the Willy Street Food Co-op stocking dry goods and would you know it, the members who worked there knew everything, well maybe not everything, about being vegan. They stocked and sold vegan food. They even sold vegan muffins! No. I was not going to die of malnutrition with all the various types of rice, flour, nuts, beans, vegetables, yucca, yams, sweet potatoes, tempeh, tofu, seitan, bread, margarine, marmalades, jams, salsa, relishes and oh, there really was a lot to eat not just dried soy beans. NB nota bene, if you are turning vegan cold turkey today, find the nearest food co-op and seek advice. Customer service will be delighted to educate you. 

Resources for Going Vegan

Enough of my story for now. Today, I thought maybe it would be good to share lists of food co-ops and farmer’s markets. I know the lists will not cover all the known farmer’s markets and food co-ops, but I also know that the stall owners and managers at any of the ones on the lists can tell where other co-ops and farmers markets are near you.

For Farmers’s Markets Click HERE

For Coops Click HERE

If you have a favorite coop or farmers market to recommend, share it in the comments below.

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